NGO “Kaykino Creative Projects ” – multidisciplinary culture with thrust of our activity between cultural engagement and community well-being by focusing on the arts, cultural initiatives and creative industries as a resource for promoting social change.

Being held in 2010 in Volosovsky region of Leningradskaya obl. (70km from St.Petersburg, direction of Estonia), it is based on more than 15 years wide practical business experience in fashion industry, business consulting (marketing, management, start-up) and participation in creative projects.

We are looking forward for innovative ways of social & economic development through cross-culture communicative instruments:
city & village, art & business, partnership & diversity.

Our main objective is to provide services in:

  • Marketing (strategies, communication, international partnership, development of new commercial divisions- mainly fashion & creative industries).
  • Development of territories
  • Development of creativity

Our working style is friendly and open:

  • Development and coordination of projects;
  • Consultancy;
  • Seminars, trainings sessions;
  • Organizining of events, exhibitions, festivals.

Services are offered to:

  • business-starters and operating companies;
  • individual clients;
  • local municipal authorities;
  • creative collectives .

In project work both Agency staff and freelancers participate

In strengthening and developing of entrepreneurial and creative force, we invite you for collaboration, and Be sure!!!!  in our responsible, friendly and creative approach to joint activity.

Charter of the organization


Olga Gracheva,
+7 9627217351, email: kaykino10@gmail.com

Victor Grachev www.viktorgrachev.ru